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Tods Gommino Shoes Impress Your Feet

Have you ever dreamed of having shoes that your feet totally fall in love with? Well, I have and I was lucky so now I am able to brag that my dream finally came true. Tods Shoes are the best. They are a must have. These shoes are manufactured to please you and make you comfortable. Tods Outlet are made of high quality leather. They are friendly to your feet hence you do not end up with blisters and sore soles or toes. They are appealing to the eye too. Once you set your eyes on them, it is definitely love at first sight. I am not exaggerating. I totally loved them the first time, something that rarely happens to me.

Tods Sale come with different colors and shapes. They are made with at most precision and detail. They also have a variety of sizes so do not worry about not finding your correct size. I believe that everyone wants to have shoes that all their friends are ‘jealous’ of also at a fair price. Tods Shoes are breath-taking. Totally classy. Trust me you want to see them and have them too. Tods has both male and female shoes. They have pumps, sandals, slippers, sneakers, ballet flats, moccasins, lace-up shoes, loafers and even driving shoes. Once you start shopping at Tods then your feet will never lack anything. It is all under one roof at Tods Shoes.

Tods Outlet
Tods Outlet

What more can your feet possibly want?

The customer service is impressive. The workers are very respectful and efficient. They do it fast and do it well. You will never be disappointed. They are also very professional. I am almost never impressed but at Tods Shoes I was tongue-tied. I was treated like a princess, actually, a queen. Who is treated better? Anyway I believe that you get my point.

Availability of Tods Shoes is not a problem. They have boutiques and shops almost all over the globe. They are there in France, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, China, Spain, Italy. Those are just but a few. The boutiques and shops are exquisite, a sight to behold. The shoes are arranged in style. It is pure art. Seeing them neatly arranged on the shelves is enough to make you buy a pair or two. You can also shop online for Tods Shoes sale. They have a very well organized website. It is very easy to get what you want from there. It is detailed and time friendly.

Tods Outlet
Tods Outlet

My favorite part of Tods Shoes is the made to order boutiques. This shoes of which you can personalize. This give you a chance to personalize your shoes leather finishing and iconic laces. You get to make your shoes look like they do in your head. A real life fantasy, right?

They say save the best for last. Tods shoes sale are unique in that their artisans work, cut and sew the shoes by hand. Can you imagine the detail and precision? This is amazing. I believe that by now all of you want a pair. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Tods Shoes Ferrari Recommended and Cooperated With

The Italian sports car company is not an uninterested party. It has a commercial arrangement that results in a Ferrari-for-the-feet version of Tod Gommino moccasin. Of course, when I say famous I mean famous to people who are interested in shoes.

Next thing I’m driving around an industrial estate in the region of Marche, looking for a dark satanic mill with Tods shoes written on the smoke-blackened bricks above the doorway. The satellite navigation says I’ve reached my destination, but I’m staring at a pair of vast silver gates, through which I can see a broad paved avenue leading through parklands to a shimmering white marble building in the distance

Tods shoes
Tods shoes

The talk turns, for the first time, to the business at hand. Tod’s shoes are apparently a perfect fit for Australians.

Ferrari shoes from Tod’s … in the car company’s famous red and with its black prancing horse logo. Ferrari shoes from Tod’s … in the car company’s famous red and with its black prancing horse logo. Supplied”The philosophy of Tod’s is quality, is lifestyle, is iconic and everything is about hand-made,” Della Valle says. “The roots, this is very important. We are the third generation, but we are telling a story in a very contemporary way.”

Design, prototyping and much of the production is done here. Della Valle introduces me to a room full of designers discussing collections for the 2018 European summer. They usually work in a row of studios representing the group’s four brands: Tod’s, Hogan, Fay and Roger Vivier (originally French).

These brands produce accessories, some clothing and, since 1997, a very successful Tod’s bag collection. A “wall of fame” upstairs shows dozens of Hollywood A-listers and European celebrities shod in Tod’s. The company’s D Bag was retrospectively named in honour of a major fan, the late Princess Diana.

Most processes at Tod’s involve intricate hand work. The group pioneered mixing formal suits with casual footwear, …

Most processes at Tod’s involve intricate hand work. The group pioneered mixing formal suits with casual footwear, particularly luxury sneakers. Supplied

Tods shoes
Tods shoes

Della Valle fills me in on the “casual business” trend (It must be obvious that upheavals in fashion over the preceding decades have completely passed me by.)

He says the mixing of formal suits with casual footwear, particularly luxury sneakers, was pioneered by Tods Sale.

The Tod’s name (originally J.P. Tod’s) is an invention, chosen to roll off the tongue in any language. The Tods Gommino is perhaps the embodiment of casual luxury, or stealth wealth. Modelled on the leather moccasins worn by sports car drivers in the 1950s, it takes its name from the gommini, the 133 rubber pebbles that poke through the leather underneath to provide the sole.

The shimmering white marble Tod’s headquarters at the end of the broad paved driveway. SuppliedStyles range from quietly classy to, well, loudly rococo. Every Gommino shoe has a hand-stitched vamp that takes an experienced worker 15 minutes to complete.

In the prototyping area, an artisan is interpreting a sketch of a Gommino that is lower and longer than any real shoe, rather like an old brochure illustration of a sports car. The object of the sketch is to capture the feel of what is required, rather than the exact dimensions.

Using a design program on his computer, a wooden shoe buck, and squares of paper and leather, this man has to produce a prototype that can go into production in all sizes and three different fittings (Tod’s makes slightly different shaped shoes for the Asian, American and European markets). There are as many as 40 components in a basic shoe, highlighting the complexity of the design job.

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5 Top Tips for Picking Great Footwear from Tod’s Shoes Buying The Right Tod’s Shoes

There are lots of reasons why buying the right shoes is so important. In fact, too few people are aware of the amount of damage that wearing the wrong shoes can do. They instantly opt for the cheapest footwear on the market, with no real thought for how it will affect them their feet.


The question is, should you be willing to invest more money in top quality shoes, or can equally fine footwear be found at affordable prices, with a little extra hunting? Fortunately, Tods can provide the ideal answer to this quandary.

tods shoes sale
tods shoes sale


At Tods outlet, you will find quality footwear at competitive prices. Our products are made from the finest materials, promise to offer you a perfect fit, and will always go the extra mile. If you are looking for footwear which lasts as long as you do, put your faith in Tod’s Shoes.


Tips for Finding the Perfect Shoes

tods shoes sale
tods shoes sale


Keep Feet Healthy— the first step to finding shoes which fit perfectly is to keep your feet in tip top condition. The experts at Tods recommend checking your feet for signs of damage or ill health at least once a month. lf the skin on the heels is hard, use a buffing tool to soften it.


Know Your Size — the majority of people neglect the need for an accurate size measurement, despite the fact that we tend to have one foot slightly bigger than the other, and a fluctuating foot size throughout the day. For the most comfortable fit, have a footwear expert measure your feet at the end of the day, when they are at their largest.


Leave Enough Heel Space — if a shoe fits well, your heel will slide comfortably into it with the minimum amount of slipping. The footwear should not ride up or down your heel as you walk. With shoes from Tods sale, there will always be plenty of space for the fluctuations in size which occur during the day.

tods shoes sale
tods shoes sale


Take a Test Drive — it is important to take new shoes for a test drive before you buy them. This is perfectly fine with most footwear stores, so do spend some time getting to know the fit of a shoe, by walking up and down in it. lf you are buying footwear online, from a company like Tods Shoes sale, make sure that you have the option to return them for a different size if the fit turns out to be wrong.


Choose the Right Materials — the upper side of top quality shoes should be made out of a flexible material which molds to the shape of the foot. With reliable footwear from Tod’s Shoes, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your shoes will never cause skin irritations, make your feet to ache, or leave your arches without support. For great shoes, at affordable prices, talk to Tods.


For more information on the wide range of footwear products available at Tod’s Shoes, get in touch with our friendly advisers by mail – or click here to visit our website. It is time to treat your feet to the very best with shoes from Tods shoes online.



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Get a Pair of Tod’s Shoes Right Now

From the time you get out of bed and start your daily adventure to the time you get back to you must needed sleep, you need someone to comfort you. From the most stressful events to most memorable ones, there is always a companion who comforts you. Tod’s Shoes stay with you wherever you go. From Business casuals to home friendly floaters, we have it all.

Tod’s Sale Shoes are made with exquisite care and utmost attention to detail. Care is taken to make the best possible shoes to make the customer feel privileged. Tod’s shoes involve intricate planning and careful execution to get it just right. We make shoes for an able toddler to a respectful elderly. From vibrant colors to exquisite leather, from daily homely ware to outdoor extreme rugged usage, Tod’s shoes deliver. Tod’s Shoes has an elite range of shoes for business men/women.

Tod’s Shoes are made with customer’s satisfaction kept in mind. Making of Tod’s Shoes from planning to bring out the finished product involves meticulous execution. The material is chosen from experts in the field and sewn with the finest threads by the best people who love what they do. Everyone buys a pair of shoes because of a choice or they need to buy one. Tod’s shoes are an expression, which mean something, which makes you proud, something which brings a sort of cheer in your eyes, something which make you feel bad when you lose it. Tod’s Shoes are made with only one objective, to keep the customer’s feet light. All this and it doesn’t burn a hole through your wallet.

For a toddler, to reach his mama, for a young girl to run in the playground, for a teen to look cool on his new bike, for a teen to look beautiful for her prom, for a man to go about his business, for a man/woman to run long miles, for a man/woman to climb mountains, for a player to kick the ball in the most fabulous ways and for the elderly to sit back and relax, Tod’s shoes promises comfort. The amount of thought gone into every shoe makes it special and it does show itself when kept next to its competitors.

Tod’s outlet are made not only to provide utmost comfort but also stay there for long days. There is no other shoe which is made with this detail. There is no other shoe which involves so much of passion and effort.

There is no other shoe which even comes close to the durability of Tod’s Shoes. There can only one competitor, another Tod’s Shoe.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a pair of Tod’s Shoes!